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More than ten years of industry experience, comprehensive machine resources: large print machines, small character machines, laser machines, high resolution, handheld machines, imported machines, domestic machines, high-end machines, low-end machines, everything.

The application cases of the machine in various industries are rich: building materials, food and beverages, daily chemicals, hardware and electronics. . . . . .

Complete accessories: Domino, Videojet, EMAG, Leibinger, original accessories, domestic accessories. . . . . .

Jingyu Electromechanical3advantages


Mechanical and electrical equipment and integrated technical service company

Professional Manufacturing · Factory Direct Sales
It is a technical service company focusing on the integration of research and development, development, assembly and production of mechanical and electrical equipment.
Ten years of research and development, continuous innovation, try before you buy, worry-free cooperation
Customers all over the country and abroad, serving thousands of customers, experienced
Factory direct sales, eliminating intermediate links, real low cost and high quality
Three factories · Quality and quantity
Effectively improve production efficiency
Not just printers, but identification solutions
Hundreds of ink consumables, complete variety, quality assurance
Professional supporting equipment processing factory cooperates closely to support customization
Ten-year team · Fast and efficient
Provide fast, effective, reliable and quality services
Professional sales team, tailor-made best solution
Experienced after-sales team, ready to provide technical support 24 hours
Emergency plan team, dedicated follow-up to improve production efficiency for customers

Building materials, wires and cables, daily chemical industry, electronics, medicine, food and beverage, beverage, auto parts, hardware, packaging and other industries can use the jet code machine code, detection, traceability solutions

24H provides professional and fast service
Thoughtful service process
Solve your worries with our services

Guangzhou Jingyu Electromechanical Equipment Co., Ltd. is a service company specializing in agency sales of inkjet equipment, R & D and production of ink consumables, sales of accessories and maintenance of inkjet printers.

The company provides large and small character inkjet printers from various well-known brands all year round (such as British Xidoli, British Domino, Videojet USA, French Imaje, large character printer, cement inkjet printer), laser inkjet printer , High-resolution inkjet printer, inkjet ink and other consumables. At the same time, our company also provides printer leasing and inkjet processing services to meet the different needs of various types of customers.

We have many years of experience in sales and supporting services of coding equipment related products. The company's inventory has a large number of printer accessories, consumables and spare machines (printers, laser printers, large character printers, cement printers). ), Maintenance services are more efficient and faster. The engineer implements uninterrupted equipment maintenance services for seven days and twenty-four hours (7D × 24H), and promises to visit customers within 2-24 hours to receive customer calls to ensure the smooth production of customers. There are currently more than 300 manufacturers working with our company in South China.......

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